Tuesday, April 4, 2017


      I often have imagined that if I had sisters or brothers, then I have felt great. We could grow up together and help each other. How dare the government take away my sisters and brothers? Of course, the government did because one of the reasons was country development, the other reason was population control. At that time, due to population increases rapidly, many people didn’t have job, and they lived hard. The Natural resources couldn’t be provided.  In 1972, the government had an idea of family planning, and in 1980, the family planning was executed. I was born in the 80s. Thus, the policy of family planning ha
d directly affected my family and me.

 At that time, it seemed every new baby had a price, and if my parents wanted more than one child, then they would have to pay a lot of money. My parents were ordinary factory workers at that time, and they didn’t have a high income. From the time that I was born, they had been working very hard. Even though my parents wanted to bring me a sister or a brother, they couldn’t pay the penalty. The policy seemed to affect poor families more because rich families could pay the penalty for the second baby or more. That was why I always complained that the policy was just set for poor families.
     In addition, the family planning police were like a mountain, and it brought a lot of pressure to me. Because I am the only child, my parents always gave me the best things, even though they didn’t have enough money. For example, they wanted me to attend the good primary school, and they tried to find the best way to let me attend a good school in. When I attended middle school, and they always compared me to their co-worker' kids because they wanted to show the best to others. Of course, they also tried to participate in my future. They always told me what job was good, and they wanted me to study the things that I didn’t want. I know that they wanted to me be a good person, but they just did the wrong thing to me and put a lot of pressure on me. In the final analysis, I got a lot of pressure because of the family planning police.

     The family planning policy also brought my cousin and her husband a big problem when their parents got old. My cousin and her husband were the only children in their families. In the 80s of China, there were no good government pension or medical equipment, and my cousin and her husband's incomes were not very high. They also had to take care of their children, fine the nursery, buy the clothes and pay the medical fee, at the same time they had to give their parents living expenses. Because of this, my cousin couldn’t bear a lot of pressure and she lost her job.

     Many families were affected by the policy, and we were one of them. Looking back, because of these effects, I lived a different life and learned more about the life than others. Without a doubt, the policy also brought some benefits to China, like a reduction in resource consumption and the pollution footprints. However, because of the aging population and workforce, the family planning has been changing, but this policy has always been the destiny of every generation.


  1. The government policy came out with an advantage and a disadvantage to your family, also your parents wanted the best for you and that's a great thing.

  2. I feel excited to read your essay and can felt the impact of the effect of slavery in my life.


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