Monday, April 3, 2017

Effects of slave trade in my family

    In the year 1957, a great nation was born in West Africa called Ghana. Before that year, Ghanaians were slaves to the British and Ghana was not an independent country. The British occupied the country from the year 1471 to 1865. There was growth in cultivation of crops such as sugarcane, tobacco, and cotton in America. The British needed more labor to work for them on their farms. In search of labor, the British came to Ghana in search for strong people to work for them. They came in with items in exchange for people. The slave trade was horrific and broke apart families, including mine thus were never seen again. It caused an increase in poverty in the country and loss of dignity in the family.

    The first effect of the slave trade on my family was the loss of family members. Some of my family members were taken to outside countries and sold as slaves. They were sold to the British by our kings in exchange for items they couldn’t resist. They were put in ships to go to the new world, to work hard on their plantations in the country. Along the way, some of them died and some were killed because they tried to escape. When they got to America, some of them were sold again to different countries, so they moved from one country to another. Due to this, those that were taken never saw my family members left in Ghana again.

    In addition, the slave trade caused an increase in poverty in Ghana. Since the strong and active ones, especially the youth who were supposed to work to feed others in the family were taken away, there was hardship in my family. Also, my family went through a lot of difficulties and struggles. There was no money for school fees, so my parents became school dropouts, Due to this, my parents are illiterate, they cannot read or write. Furthermore, the number of people in my family reduced because there was a serious hunger in the family. Some of my family members starved to death because there was no food for them.

    Lastly, it caused a loss of dignity for my family. During the slave trade, human beings were being exchanged for items which were priceless and invaluable. This caused a loss of value and respect for my family. My family meant everything for my grandmother because she loved them and they were important to her. The dignity that the British took away caused psychological problems to my grandmother. Thus the slave trade took away our pride, extraordinary and dignity of my cherished and lovely family members. The honor and respect that should be given to my family was not given.
     After the slave trade, the effects that occurred affected my family members extremely. Most of them were sent to other countries and they never came back again. Also, the slave trade caused an increase in poverty in my family. Most of the family members died of hunger because there was no food for them to eat. In addition, there was loss of dignity that affected my family so much. The kings and the British did not show any respect for my family. The effects that happened after the slave trade has destroyed my family. Humans beings are important. It doesn’t matter where the person is from, they must all be treated equally.


  1. I feel excited to read your essay and can felt the impact of the effect of slavery in my life.

  2. It was a sad story. Slave trade had bad effects on many families.


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