Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hang Zhao

     My name is HANG ZHAO. I am from China. In China, my name is very special. "Hang" in Chinese means travel and moving forward. Though back, my first name was named by my grandparents. One of the funny thing about my name was when I didn't born yet, my parents thought that I will be a girl. And then they asked my grandparents to name me as a girl. So after I born' they still didn't change it. As a result' when people saw my name in Chinese' they all think I am a girl.

    After I move to US. I give myself a nickname called " John"'. Because it is really hard to pronounce my name as a English speaker. Once time I was trying to teach my foreign friend to pronounce my name correctly. But seem like they just can't do it. So I picked a simple and short English name as JOHN.
I love my name. It sound beautiful and look fancy in Chinese. I hope one day I can teach all my friend to pronounce  my name. Thanks to my grandparents to give me this fabulous name!

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