Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A name tells me who I am

Rain Kamonpun
January 25, 2017

A name tells me who I am

The real story behind my nickname is when I was born, my aunt named me “Namwan”. It means something sweet. After that, my dad decided to change it to “Namfon” which means rain because I always cried when I was a baby. My father just said because your tears flow down like rain. That is why he changed it.

Kamonpun Kerdthong is my name. Kamonpun means skin glowing like lotus. In Thai, K is the first letter of  the consonants. My father wanted my name to be called first at the graduation , so that is why my first name starts with the letter K. However, people who get their names called at the very first are honor students.

I was born on Monday, and Thai people believe that whoever is born on Monday as well as Friday shouldn't have vowels in their name. That would make it bad luck and bad name. When a baby is born, the old people always calculate the life graph to name the baby. First, they use the birth date and time. Then they will predict a baby’s future. In the life graph, there are many details like high life, low life, luck, enemies, health, spouse, work, and happiness. I saw my life graph when I was a teenager but I can’t remember the prediction.

My name tells me who I am. When I cry, I still cry like it’s raining. I totally agree with my father who gave this name to me. I love my name, and I never want to change it. Thai people believed that the name from parents is the best name because they are the holiest.


  1. Rain, your name is beautiful and I love it. Maybe I love rainy day? lol... yeah, and the name given by their parents would be very special.

  2. When people call you Rain, this should remind you of your tears when you were a baby.

  3. Namwan,,,why I have that feeling it such as my name...I like a name in your country JeeJa Yanin.. you may know her..

  4. Your story reminds me of some famous poets, one of them that i can think of is the famous ancient Chinese poet Bai Li, he has a poem named "Xiao Chun", it describes one of the rainy night, it tells us that spring is coming. I hope you are not a crying baby anymore, and you remember how you got the name from your grandfather:) good luck!


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