Friday, February 17, 2017

Selina Ansafoah Assan

                                          The Power of my name
           Selina Ansafoah Assan is my name, and the other names that my parents, friends, and family call me are Nana Yaa, Mommie, Selingle, and Abokomah. The last name is my hometown name. I was named after my grandmother who died ten years ago. Her name was Agnes Abokomah Assan. The meaning of Abokomah is humble. My grandmother was humble and I inherited that from her, so I'm also really humble. Yaa is also an Akan name meaning smart. This name has really had an impact on me, so I'm usually smart in anything that I do.
           In my country, Ghana, Nana means a queen or princess. My cousins mostly call me Nana Yaa, which means smart princess, and I really love it. I feel so proud if they call me that because it means a lot. In addition, Selina is a name that was given to me by my father, and it means from Heaven. This meaning is so wonderful. Thus, I'm from Heaven, I'm smart, and I'm a princess as well.
          A name is so powerful and I'm saying that because it has really had an impact on me. In addition to this, I made my own nickname, and that's Selingle. It is the combination of Selina and Angel. Because the meaning of Selina is from Heaven, so I admit I'm an Angel. I love my name so much because I'm a smart princess Angel from Heaven.

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