Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Name with Love

Na Pan (Nicole)
Michal Eskayo
ESL 100
Jan 23, 2017

Name with Love

            My name is Na Pan. I used to think my parents were being funny to name me after a city, but now, I’m proud of it. I was born in 1992, and in that year the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, so my parents took the “Na” from Barcelona because they hoped that one day I could be an athlete as well. When I think of my name, I find it easy and peaceful. In Chinese, the character Na has a ” standing on the left side, showing I’m a girl already. However, sometimes when I think of my name, I find it so ordinary and plain because my name has only two characters. Furthermore, the character Na was quite often used between the year of 1980’s and 1990’s.

                Overall, I like my name, the one that my parents gave me because it shows that they thought highly of me, they loved me so much and they wanted me to have a brilliant future. Most importantly, they wanted me to grow up well. In addition, “nana” is my nick name, but only my parents and friends with good relationship will call me that. It makes me feel close and it reminds me I’m a girl like always.

                By the way, I name myself Nicole because my first name Na has an “N” there, and I found Nicole is much better than “Nancy”. The first time I saw this name was when in a movie a boy was called “Nicole”, I’m not quite sure if the spelling is exactly the same, I found it so cool and decided to call myself that way, too.



  1. I like the story of how your parents named you.

  2. Nicole, na娜 in China means beautiful, like a princess, and charming.

    1. So,Nicole is a charming princess without realizing it.

  3. The story about your name is interesting, Nicole is also a nice name.

  4. Both Na and Nicole are good~ Girls who use Na as her name usually are lovely, and so are you.


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