Friday, February 3, 2017

Yi Sun
January 24, 2017
ESL 100
One of Most
  In English, my name means sun. It means hope and light. In Chinese it means perseverance and willpower. The pronunciation of my name is as same as number one in Chinese, and Chinese people usually treat the number one as the beginning of something.
  My last name is the same as my father’s last name besause everyone’s last always follows father’s last name in China. My mother chose Yi as my first name. It is like a new fresh light in the morning, it will be brilliant all the time and a shine that never dies. It is a good wish from my parents, and let me know how much they love me.
  My name is easy to pronunce both in English and Chinese. Yi Sun. Before I had this name, my father got another name for me which was Ran Sun. It was also a good name, but Ran means a gentle fire burning. It also means like soft clouds in the sky. So Ran Sun was more suitable for a girl.

  Actually, meanings and pronunciation of a name influence a person’s characteristics sometimes. Some names have more than one meaning, pick one which is important and try to reach up. That might make you special and attractive.


  1. Your parents really love you and your name is simple to pronounce too.

  2. A very interesting information about your name. :) cool.

  3. I like your name and all the story behind. That's an interesting story!


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