Monday, February 6, 2017

Me Myself and I
            My name is Cheuk Lam. Most of the people call me chuck or check because both of those names are almost the same as mine. I love this name because the first teacher that I had when I came to the United States gave it to me. When she saw my name the first time, she could not pronounce it right. My name in Hong Kong is Cheuk Lam, but this name in my land China was pronounced as Zhou Lin. It is different from Hong Kong. Most Americans can pronounce my Chinese name easily, but Hong Kong vowel is harder than my land vowels. That is why she could not say it correctly. She had searched the internet on the computer for few minutes and come up with the name Chuck. I like it because this name is very easy for people to remember.

            On the other hand, some people like to call me Check. When they see my name, they always change Cheuk to Check. I do not know why, but I like it. A check is a motivation for the worker. Every time when people call me Check, I feel like some kind of mysterious power keep pushing me to move on. That`s why I will not get angry if they call me Check. In addition, my name is very easy for people to remember. For the people who do not know me, if I gave hint relative to blackboard or paycheck, and my name will pop up on their head in five seconds. I am thankful for my teacher for giving me this name. I am so lucky that I met her when I moved to the United States. 
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  1. Thanks to the teacher for making you like the name.

  2. Your name is really interesting and easy to remember.

  3. You made your name special as your teacher did by accepting all those wrong modes pronunciation.


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