Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Perfect name

Jenel Moise
February 2, 2017
ESL 100

The Perfect name

My name is Jenel Moise and I really like this name. It is unique and easy to pronounce. It doesn't have a special meaning, but it has a sense of humor that is characterized by the ability to perceive feelings. I believe Jenel is a name for the one who is willing to take risk and progress
through discomfort to reach the finish line.

In some Haitian families, they have used the two last letters in a name all the time for many generations. For example, my dad's name is Miguel, so he called me Jenel and my two siblings names are Dounel and Fritznel.

Jenel is the perfect name, but sometimes people misspell it and they double the L (Jenelle) or they write it with a G (Genel). Anyhow, they all sound the same but have different spelling. Jenel could be a boy's or a girl's name. Some people call their kids Jenel just because they love when name start with a J.

Jenel is always uniting people. Jenel is the name of someone who always wants to share happiness and sadness with everyone, and Jenel is someone who is fighting until the end to realize things that he wants.


  1. Jenel, I think you will be strong as an elephant. I believe you can reach your goals.

  2. Your explanation of Jenel is full of enthusiasm, i've learned that Jenel is a name with passion, it gives a person happiness, and the ones around him; i've also learned that Jenel can be named with a girl as well, i like the simpleness Jenel sounds, it is easy to remember as you said. i hope you will reach your goals eventually:)!!

    1. So sweet from you Nicole and Zhuorui, thanks!

  3. I like the name, your name really suites you, you always want to share with everyone.

  4. Your name Jenel is easy for people to remember. I like it.


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