Monday, February 27, 2017

Taste in Your Mouth

Zhuorui Wu
ESL 100
February 27, 2017

Taste in Your Mouth

               Eating delicious food is one of life's best experience. I believe everyone likes to eat tasty food to enjoy it and relax with it. I love to eat, and I always spent a lot of time searching for many great appealing and dainty foods when I was in GuangZhou, but since I moved to Chicago, I felt despondent becasue I cannot find any palatable foods in Chicago. Food in Chicago is boring and common. I have tried to observe what people like to eat during the morning, lunch, and dinner in Chicago. However, there are many different kinds of amazing foods and appetizers that I haven't been able to find in Chicago. 

               Most people like to eat a fresh breakfast. When I was living in GuangZhou, I always looked forward to eating dimsum on a sunny morning. There are many fabulous Chinese dimsum, such as Xia Jiao and Shao Mai. Furthermore, Chinese dimsum can make me feel brightful and joyful because each dimsum has a different name and meaning. I felt I have a great time to eat dimsum as my breakfast. On the other hand, most Chicagoans like to eat toast and yogurt as their breakfast. For me, toast is very dry and tasteless, and yogurt is cold as an ice cream. 

               One of my favorite meals are noodles when I was in GuangZhou. People have to eat a healthy meal during the lunch time because working whole day will drain the energy from the body. In fact, most Chinese people think the lunch is very important because they need more energy for their jobs or studies. When I was in GuangZhou, I loved to eat noodles because there is a variety of different kinds of noodles. My favorite noodles are egg noodles and rice noodles which I ate all the time in GuangZhou, and it is very delicate and goluptious. Moreover, most of the noodles are always hot and fragrant. In contrast, many Chicagoans like to have a hasty lunch because they do not have enough time to finish their lunch, one of the most common lunch meals is a hamburger because it is very cheap and fatty. 

               Dinner has always been my favorite because the time of the day is last meal to eat and it is always abundant. Most Chinese people like to eat riches for their dinner because rice is the most important meal. There are variety rich dishes that come with chicken, beef, and shrimp. Rice is very special for Chinese people and delicious.  Since I moved to Chicago, I've noticed most Americans like to eat steak for dinner. Steaks are high class and have a romantic feeling that may like to eat with their partner. Most Americans just like to eat steaks for their dinner. Instead of rice dishes which are more joyful and cheerful, especially when people eat, sit and talk together. 

               Food in GuangZhou is always colorful and graceful. I will go back to GuangZhou after I get my Bachelor degree. I have realized that GuangZhou is a city with tasty foods. In addition, in my hometown, the smells delicious and wafts the ground of food through the whole entire street. I suggest you travel to GuangZhou and find your own tasty foods. Chicago is still strange to me. There are many great places to eat and relax and enjoy in GuangZhou. 


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