Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Name

XiaoJun Wu
ESL, 100
February 2, 2017
An early Name
My name was given to me by my mom. When I was born, my mom chose my name from a dictionary. My dad loved my name because he knows my first name means born in the early morning. However, my name has different meanings. In Chinese, it means smart, and a king. Also, my name is very popular in my hometown Guangdong. When I went to primary school, I was excited.  In the classroom, there was one student who was also called XiaoJun, but he was a boy. I was amazed that my name could also be for a boy. I asked my mom why my name is very common. She just tells me my name expresses sunlight and allow family warmth. My mom also said that my name sound interesting, and it is easy to say. Anyway, I believe that my mom gave me this name is involved in my life, possibly my future will be getting better or another meaning. The only thing I do not like about my name is that many people have the same name as me. When I came to Chicago, I went to high school and there were two students that had the same name as me. I was confused every time my professor called XiaoJun. He shouted my name, and I thought he was shouting me. In fact, he did not call me. I always felt unhappy about my professor calling my name.
Finally, I am very grateful to my mom for giving me a perfect Chinese name. I love my name and pronunciation. My name is meaningful and kind.


  1. Your name is great, your mom knows what's best and she gave you that name.

  2. You have a beautiful name and don't worry about having a bit common name since each individual are not the same. You may have the same name as the others but your identity is different and that would stand out.


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