Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Simply Misspelled

Rebbeca Kwan
January 18, 2017
ESL 100

Simply Misspelled

My name is Rebbeca. It sounds the same when it is spelled as Rebecca, but mine has a different spelling. My mom really didn’t plan my name because the one she wanted was “Richela”. My name was a result of a surprise and miscommunication. My mom said that it was supposed to be spelled “ Rehbeca”, but the nurse misread it as “Rebbeca”.  It was after printing out my birth certificate when they found out. So yes that’s why many people now always get confuse with the spelling of my name.

My whole name is Rebbeca Kwan. My last name is from my mother since I was born before my parents got married. It was just about two or three years ago that my parents got married. My mom and I didn’t change our last names since it was going to be a lot of of documents and bothersome. My mother has one hundred percent Chinese blood, and my father has half Filipino and half Chinese.

 I grew up in an environment not fully practicing Chinese culture since I was in the Philippines. I went to a Chinese school for my first grade school years, but because of health reasons and having our own house in the Philippines, I transferred to two other schools before I got to college. Then I went to another school and shifted from Bachelors of Accountancy to Media arts, Major in Computer Graphic Design. I still use and know some Chinese words and also numbers but not to the point that I can have a conversation in Chinese. However, my parents still speak Chinese especially if they are angry at something I’ve done. My parents want me to learn many languages. However, because I lack practice, focus and a real person to have conversation with I haven’t paid really much attention to those skills. The multiplication table in Chinese was the hardest and longest thing I’ve memorized and I still use it now.

At the moment, I’m discovering and improving English language since I think it would be a big help, especially now that this is going to be my second home or my new home in the future.


  1. Your name is easy to say, I have a friend have the same name as you.

  2. Your name is easy to say, I have a friend have the same name as you.

    1. Oh wow, hope i can meet her next time then. :)


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