Friday, February 3, 2017

Is that my name?

                Is That My Name?

       I was named by my grandpa. I had no idea what my name mean until I was

six years old. For me, it seems like a woman’s name because in Chinese it means

flourishing, beautiful and glorious. I don’t really like it, but it was the gift that my

grandpa gave me and I believe that my talent came from it.

      When I attended high school, my name was like a daily joy. My chemistry

teacher always pronounced it incorrectly and my classmates always called me like the

Female idol WanYu Zhang. However, sometimes I think my name has some important

meaning for me. I like drawing and painting, and I want to be a graphic designer. I

believe that because of my name. I just feel like that. For now, I have a chance to

choose my English name. I want it to be name that has some important meaning and

suitable me.

     A name is a special sign for each one. It directly affects our life. Even though

I don’t like my Chinese name, I won’t change it because I still cherish the gift that my

grandpa gave me. 


  1. I also don't want to change it becuase it's from my parents too.

  2. I really like what you wrote. It has meaning and tells a bit about who you are!

  3. My name is also given by my grandfather.

  4. I won't change my name, it was associated with me.

  5. Your name sound like you are a very smart person.

  6. You get the idea of how much is important our name and how much is realated to our parents too.


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